4 Reasons Why a VoIP Phone System is a Perfect Fit for Small Businesses

Posted by John Lee on Apr 22, 2015

When managing your own small business, there are a lot of obstacles that could get in the way. Expenses, growth and scaling complications, and internal miscommunication are just a few of the issues. With all the work and time it takes keeping your company afloat, worrying about your business communication shouldn’t be one of them. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider getting a VoIP small business phone system.


Your Budget is Tight:

Running a small business is a huge challenge when working with a limited budget. Costs could start piling up and it could get very expensive, very quick. A traditional phone system calls for wiring and installation fees, as well as expenses for phone sets and other equipment. With VoIP, you save money by leasing everything from the provider so you don't have to worry about maintenance, updates, and repairs. In addition, your monthly bills will be much cheaper compared to traditional phone options.

You're Thinking About Your Big Business Image:

Even if your entire business consisted of only a few people in the office, you don't have to let the world know. Potential customers don't always feel confident when placing a large order with a small company. With hosted VoIP, you have features like a virtual assistant to transfer calls, customizable on-hold messaging, and call forwarding, which create the impression of a large corporation. A professional, reliable business image could improve customer relationships and help drive sales.

You're Everywhere, All the Time:

No matter where you may be - working from home or on the road, hosted PBX treats all calls on the network as if they were made or received at the main office. More functionality and flexibility allows you and your team to connect from anywhere to the same small business phone system. Better business communication means improved collaboration and work efficiency.

You Never Stop Thinking About Tomorrow:

Unlike traditional phones, using a VoIP phone system means your business is not bound or limited to the number of lines installed. VoIP provides scalability to add or remove extensions as your business grows. Also, should you decide on relocating your business, VoIP lets you take your existing phones and be up-and-running the same day as move-in. As long as your new office has connection to the Internet, your business could change location and operate without skipping a beat. 

If you're a small company that aspires to grow into a successful, long-established business, a hosted PBX phone system could help put you on track. Contact us to learn how you could get started.

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