Advantages of Using a Virtual Office Phone Service

Posted by Aimee Eucce on May 20, 2014

Regardless size of your company, you probably rely on using office based phones to communicate with your customers and probably other employees. Not so long ago, your only option was to go through a traditional phone carrier, such as Pacific Bell. Today, you have a several different options in regards to your office phone system. It's possible for you to use a conventional on-premise hardware-based system that needs tons of gear and is expensive to buy not to mention preserve, or you could use an internet-based system that takes advantage of the latest technologies. Virtual office phone service is an extremely affordable option to the expensive on premise systems, which you often find stuffed in some corner cupboard of an organization. Take a peek at some of the advantages of using virtual office phone service.


Virtual Office Phone Service
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Go Virtual and Reduce Prices
When you select a virtual office phone service over a conventional hardware-based system, you're significantly reducing your on-going costs.

Stay Up to Date and Save Room
A virtual cloud-established service uses the supplier's hardware, found at their facility, and they manage all maintenance and upgrade prices. This means only your phones are located in your office. So long as you pay your monthly fee, you'll have access to high quality and dependable phone service that's running with the most recent hardware. Which is easier and more cost effective than preserving and updating the system yourself, which could get pricey quickly. Voxox will connect your phones to our SIP Trunks and/or Hosted PBX via the cloud. If you don’t currently have office phones, you can save money and rent them.

Bring Remote Workers Together
A virtual office phone service connects remote workers like they were at the exact same facility. Call routing is managed seamlessly, enabling every worker to have equivalent accessibility to your phone systems advanced features.

Big Corporation Characteristics
A virtual office phone service gives you features generally enjoyed by Fortune 500 firms, at small business prices. These characteristics comprise:

  •        Complete Control Over Characteristics – You can rapidly make changes and can easily setup your system.
  •        Virtual Auto Attendant - A virtual auto attendant (secretary) routes incoming calls and makes sure they're sent to the appropriate worker or section. You can quickly customize hold messages, music and create custom greetings.

  •        Completely Customizable Voicemail - Every user has access to a completely customizable voicemail system where they are able to record a personalized greeting and even receive your voicemails via your email.

When searching for a new virtual phone service Voxox is the leading provider of business VoIP solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Don’t pay more money for less quality service. Call Voxox today to see how we can help your business.

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