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Posted by Ian LeWinter on Jul 10, 2014

In Jules Verne’s 1873 adventure novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, Phileas Fogg travels by train, steamer ship, elephant (and anything else he can find) to advance his journey and win a bet he’s made with his friends. Graphically, Around the World in Eighty Days has been consistently linked with images of hot air balloons. Surprisingly, however, Verne’s hero never uses one in the novel — it’s merely a marketing invention to help sell the movie.1 And, like the fictitious Phileas himself, I’ve also never taken to the skies in a balloon.


I have my reasons.

First and foremost is the requirement that you need to get there very early in the morning — sunrise, in fact — when the wind is at its calmest. A second reason is the imminent possibility of fire. Think of it: You’re suspended in a wicker basket while open flames are being blasted into a silk bubble directly over your head. Talk about a combustible situation! And while I think it would be romantic and ecologically sound, this mode of travel wouldn’t be my first choice for an overseas journey.

I prefer to “let my fingers do the walking” and use free international calls to circumnavigate the globe — in 80 milliseconds, rather than 80 days.

Overseas calling, the old-fashioned way

Once upon a time, making an international call from your mobile phone was the most expensive way to reach family, friends and colleagues overseas.

Costs added up quickly. A typical mobile call to Mexico cost as much as 50 cents a minute. Europe was even pricier at $1.50 per minute or more! Service providers offered international calling plans but typically these only meant discounted rates for a monthly fee.

Overseas calling, the new way

From the comfort and safety of your own home (or school, or office), you can download and set up Voxox for free on your iPhone or Android. Invite your international and domestic contacts to join you on Voxox right from within the app. With both you and your contacts on Voxox, you can make free international calls, and thanks to VoIP technology, calling is unlimited.

Have a problem with your laid-back cousin in Costa Rica who just doesn’t see the point of getting a smartphone? You can still call virtually any phone in the world — mobile or land line — whether that phone is equipped with Voxox or not. International calls can end up costing mere pennies! Super-low international calling rates from Voxox make all this possible.2 For example, Voxox calls to Costa Rica average about .047 cents per minute. At that rate, you could talk for over 21 minutes with just $1 dollar in Voxox credit ! Find more rates here: http://www.voxox.com/calling-rates

Happy travels

I’m not saying I’ll never go on a hot air balloon ride. I’m only saying that, for now, travel means using Voxox to make free international calls from my mobile. Adventures are great — and so is talking to friends and family for free.

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