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Do You Get The Run Around From Your Service Providers?

Posted by Tim Schuh on Wed, Jan 22, 2014 @ 04:00 AM

When was the last time you had a service provider tell you the issue you are experiencing is not their fault and you need to call the other guy?  

Consider this... six months ago you opened your first business, and everything is going well. You arrive on Monday morning, pick up your first phone call of the day and the person sounds choppy and gargled. You're able to get what you need from the customer, but you know your next task is to call your VoIP provider and see what they can do about the previous call. You spend the next hour talking to the customer support agent, running tests, and calling back and forth. Right when you think you’re getting somewhere, the support agent tells you the problem is with your internet service provider and there is nothing they can do to help. You are dumbfounded. You just wasted an hour and now you need to call the internet service provider. You call, but you're nervous and you’re wondering how many people you are going to have to talk to before this gets fixed...which is not a good feeling. You’re stuck on the phone, you still have a problem, and you’re not able to give your business the attention that is needed. What do you do?

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Building the Best Service Experience for Voxox Customers

Posted by Tim Schuh on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 10:12 AM
A few months ago, I let everyone know that we would be making significant changes to the organizational structure and responsibilities of Voxox's Customer Service. The plan was to implement a multi-tiered technical support structure with well documented processes and create a Provisioning Team with well defined responsibilities and workflows that would increase the quality of service and reduce the speed of execution. To improve operational performance, we needed to build metrics so we could increase our capability of managing performance against goals. I am pleased to announce that we have completed this transition.
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5 Big Steps to Better Technical Assistance

Posted by Tim Schuh on Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 06:50 AM

I’'m Tim Schuh, the new Director of Service at Voxox In Business. I was happy to be given the opportunity to post to tell you about some exciting changes coming to Customer Service, or should I say the Technical Assistance Center.

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