The Top 4 Benefits of a Hosted Conference Bridge

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Nov 14, 2013

Everywhere you look, people are trying to cram as much productivity into their workday as possible. The onset of conference calling has given businesspeople a means to meet with co-workers or clients remotely, saving travel time and dollars. For better or worse, conference calling makes managing meetings easier and faster.

A large company with an in-house IT department can manage their own Conference Bridge (the system used to initiate and conduct business-quality conference calls) and host conferences in-house. However, small- and medium-sized businesses without these resources would find hosting their own Conference Bridge expensive and time-consuming.

Which is why businesses are opting to have their meetings over a Hosted Conference Bridge.

hosted conference bridge

Here, we have compiled the top four ways a Hosted Conference Bridge can benefit you.

1.    Save Money

Sure, you can try to save money by hosting your own conference bridge. But, there are some things you need to consider first. The “do-it-yourself” approach means having the time, technical expertise and infrastructure to support, maintain and provide all the features of a Hosted Conference Bridge. By taking advantage of a Hosted Conference Bridge, like Voxox, you can get all the power, redundancy, features and service that would be cost-prohibitive if brought in-house.

Customers that have Voxox phone service also enjoy the benefit of no per-minute charges for all participants calling into the bridge from remote locations.

2.  Quality Sound with a Thousand Connections

With a Hosted Conference Bridge, you don’t have to be concerned with too many people calling. You can get as many as 1,000 connections on a single call! And even with a thousand connections possible, you still get digital-quality sound with a Hosted Conference Bridge. Poor audio quality can certainly have a negative impact on your business. Great sounding audio makes even the smallest businesses appear more impressive.

3. Service and Latest Features

In our fast-paced, high-tech world, keeping current with software updates and maintaining the latest equipment can be a full-time job, and conference bridge systems are no different. By using a Hosted Conference Bridge, new features and new calling services are already present when you pick up the phone. It’s all taken care of behind the scenes, and they’re ready when you start your conference call.

4. Receive Reports After Every Conference Call

Once you’ve hung up from your hosted conference call, automated reporting gives you the information you need. Recent Activity, Summary Report, Conference Details and Individual Caller Reports are emailed directly to you after every conference call. When you compare this convenience with waiting for your in-house IT department to get you the reports, automated reporting from a hosted conference bridge provider is an indispensible feature.

With the advent of VoIP providers like Voxox, today's Hosted Conference Bridge solutions are extremely powerful and flexible. They offer cost savings, technical assistance, crystal-clear sound, automated reporting and a myriad of features that can completely cover all your conferencing needs. With this in mind, why would you bring it in-house?

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