Top 7 Things Your Mom Loves Hearing About When You Call

Posted by Tristan Barnum on May 22, 2013

Call mom: Licensed under creative commons, Howdy, I'm H. Michael KarshisEven though every mom is different, there's a good bet that your mom really loves to hear from you- possibly even more than she loves getting that same old tired #1 Mom bouquet of flowers.

If you've ever been on the other end of the question, "So, my child, what's new?" and felt compelled to answer with "Um, nothing?...same old, same old, I guess," use this handy list to loosen your tongue this Mothers' Day and give her what she really wants- to talk with her wonderful kiddo. (Yeah, you'll pretty much always be her "kiddo.")

1. Your successes

Whether you're in school, or working hard at a career, or both, nothing gives moms more joy than hearing that her offspring are kicking butt out there in the world. Others might see this as bragging, but mom never would! Sharing your successes with her, and better yet, telling her how she might have contributed in some way is an awesome gift for Mothers' Day.

2. What you're struggling with

Just as helpful during times of triumph, moms are there for us when we just need to talk about our toughest conundrums over a mug of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Shame there's no commuications protocol for sending those to a mobile device yet, but mom still wants to hear what's giving you grief. Moms like to feel helpful, and here's her time to shine, even when she's just listening to you vent.

3. How her favorite childhood friend of yours is doing

Even if you've mostly lost touch, a quick Facebook stalk of that nice neighbor kid you used to know from down the street can provide you with plenty of good fodder for your call with Mom. (Woah! He has 6 kids now and moved to Greenland? Impressive.) Share with mom, she needs gossip for the neighbors.

4. How much you appreciate something she did that shaped your life

Dig deep for this one, as it can be very personal. For me, my mom never tires of hearing how much I love the name she gave me.

See, I'm a woman with a man's name. And in the technology industry, where international business communication mostly happens through email instead of voice calls due to time zone issues, I've been able to keep a pretty low profile about being a female. It's led to some pretty funny misunderstandings and stories over the years, so I'm sure to keep her up to date with any new ones, with an emphasis on the gift she gave me when she named me.

I'd actually love to hear what you're thankful for that your mom has done for you in the comments below. Be sure to send a link to mom for extra bonus points! ;)

5. About any recent or upcoming travel

Have you explored somewhere new recently? Or maybe you visited somewhere that has special significance to your mom or your family. Tell her about what you liked best, what she would have liked best, and that you missed her while you were there!

6. Hello, grandkids?!

Let's face it, if she has grandkids, your mom probably just wants you to get out of her way so she can talk to them! You're not quite chopped liver, but you're not exactly the star of the show anymore when you call home. She loves hearing about their escapades and their successes and struggles, possibly even more than your own at this point. Hearing about their lives from them, with their often amazing points of view, is really going to make her day.

7. Most importantly of all, she wants to hear when you'll call her again!

Sure you felt obligated to call on Mother's Day, but why not let her know when she can expect to hear from you again? Set a reminder in your phone as soon as you're done talking, so you don't forget. 

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