Have You Tried The Voxox Call Transfer Feature?

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Wed, Nov 14, 2012 @ 08:32 PM
It's nearly 7pm and you've got to head out the door to catch the last commuter train home, but you're still on an important business call. Talk about bad timing because you definitely can't afford to drop this call. Now with less than 10 minutes before the train is scheduled to reel off towards uptown, you're about to panic -- not another night on the employee lounge couch! At a time like this, wouldn't it be nice if you could transfer the call to your cell so you could head out the door and keep business flowing? With Voxox's on-demand Call Transfer feature you can do just that.

The Voxox Call Transfer functionality makes phone calls more flexible because it lets you transfer all Voxox calls made or received on any phone, including desktop software, to any phone -- like your cell.  As long as the call was made to or with your Voxox number, you're golden. Just press *2 and follow the prompt to transfer the line. It's that simple. After all, in this on-the-go world we live in, being tied down to just one phone can be restricting!

Voxox Call Transfer
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Here's a full list of all the useful (and FREE!) on-call features Voxox offers...
  1. Record Calls: Record important calls by pressing *1. You can access recordings in the software client, in email notifications, or in the Voxox Call iPhone app.
  2. Call Transfer: Transfer calls to another device by pressing *2.
  3. Conference Calls:  Voxox lets you connect up to 20 people on the line at once. Press *3 to add a new participant.
  4. Sound Boards: Prank your friends with hilarious sound bytes with *5. Just press any key when in this mode to play back different clips! (*6 to page forward and *4 to page backwards.)

The Voxox Call Transfer feature is just one way Voxox is helping to make your busy life a little simpler. If Call Transfer, or any of our other on-call features will be your go-to next time you're in a bind, be sure to let us know! Tell us what you think by commenting below or posting to our Facebook page!

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