Infographic: The Age of Apps

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Nov 05, 2012
What did we do with "dumb" cellular phones before the introduction of our beloved smartphones and apps? We talked, texted and played Snake, that's what. But with all the fancy phones, tablets and millions of addicting and useful apps on the market today, could you blame us for being a little app crazy? While some more app-dependant techies have hundreds of apps ranging from games to fitness apps to simple notebooks, the average smartphone user has 65 apps installed on their phones, but only uses 15 of them per week -- we hope Voxox Call for iPhone is one of them!

This infographic, created by Neolane, takes us deeper into the world of apps and also predicts the future of the app market all the way to 2016! Take a look below to see how startups and big corporations have founded this entirely new mobile economy, how consumers use their smartphone devices and what makes apps successful. This just might leave you wondering... is there an app for that?

The Age of Apps Infographic

Are you surprised by the growth of the app market or do you have your own predictions for the future of the app economy?  Share your thoughts with us on the Voxox Facebook page or get in touch Twitter!

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