Need to Charge Your iPhone? One Gallon of Gas Can Power it for 20 Years

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 11:04 PM
Do you ever wonder how much electric energy it really takes to power up your devices? Or how much alternative energy it would take without a wall plug-in? Well, we're a very curious crew over here at Voxox, so in between developing out-of-this-world technology and providing you with cheap international calling rates, we ran a few searches to find random facts on iPhone energy consumption, such as “How long would I have to pedal a bike to charge my iPhone?” and “Can I juice up my iPhone with wind power?” -- not so surprisingly, Google answered!

Electrical Outlet on Tree Trunk
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Whether you’re a tech geek who can’t live without their iPhone apps (Voxox Call, anyone?), want to go green, or just love trivia, check out our interesting findings on charging your iPhone with alternative energy…. by the end you’ll sure be glad you have a wall outlet!

    • All of the energy concentrated in one gallon of gasoline is enough to charge an iPhone once a day for almost 20 years.
    • It takes about 2.5 hours of pedaling a bike to create enough energy to fully charge an iPhone.
    • One hour of sunlight can provide 25 minutes of talk time, 20 minutes of 3G internet use, 35 minutes of video playback, or 145 minutes of audio playback.
    • The average person generates about 100 watts of power per day just walking around, so it would take 25 minutes of walking time to generate 1 minute of talk time.
    • It would take 7 hours of wind energy from a single ground turbine to fully charge an iPhone.
    • Plants generate a voltage of up to 200 millivolts, which is enough to give your iPhone a 4% charge.
    • Bonus trivia: With traditional wall plug-ins, the cost of charging an iPhone battery from empty to full is $0.0048, or half a cent.

Mind-boggling, right? Although we do love our greenery, we know we definitely don't want to rely on plants to power up our iPhones... at least not yet! If you have any alternative energy ideas or obscure technology questions you'd like the Voxox team to investigate, post them in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!
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