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Posted by Tristan Barnum on Sep 20, 2012

There are countless social media sites and instant message clients out there for people to connect, share and post on, but only a few can claim the top spots. Can you guess what they are? If you guessed Twitter and Facebook you're right on the money! These two social media giants account for 81.5% of the users on the top five social networks and you can connect both of them right to your Voxox account -- allowing you to update your status across the board with just one click and chat with your Facebook friends all in one clean, easy to use interface.


So just how many people are on Twitter and Facebook? Here are some stats...

Number of Users on Social Networks - infographic

That's a whopping 1.5 billion user accounts... and that means a lot of unwanted interruptions. Instead of dealing with the clutter that's impossible to avoid when perusing these sites, link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Voxox. It will make your life simpler -- connecting you with your friends faster and allowing you to never miss a chat just because you can't track down the window that's sending out that notification sound! What's even cooler is that Voxox also connects you with other networks, like Google Chat, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and MySpace which comprise another 162 million people.


So, what are you waiting for? Go get Voxox now and link the world's most popular social networks for easy sharing and chatting. Be sure to share your favorite Voxox feature with us on our Facebook page or connect with us on Twitter... we can't wait to hear from you!Image Source: sociable360.blogspot.com

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