Back to School With Voxox, Part 1: Stay in Touch While Away at College

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 @ 12:45 AM
It's back to school time again and as students head off to college it can be difficult (between the football games, parties and of course, classes!) to find time to keep in touch with friends and family back home -- or even those new friends right on campus! Everyone has cell phones attached to their hips, but rates can be expensive and racking up a high cell phone bill will only dip into next weekend's pizza fund and make saving money for spring break nearly impossible. So what's the alternative? Voxox!

Back to School 2012
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The first installment of our two part series Back to School with Voxox highlights cool Voxox features that will put you at the head of your class and on your way to becoming a communications genius! Not only does Voxox let you stay in the loop without emptying your piggy bank, but with free incoming and cheap outgoing calls and texts, plus tons of other features cell phones just don't offer, it's a back to school essential. Check out these 5 Voxox features you can't live without this school year...

1. Find Me

Landlines may seem of the ancient world, but they can come in handy when you're in college. Calling room-to-room for free and getting in touch with your RA's are just a few perks -- not to mention a safety backup in case you don't get cell service in your room! But what if your dorm phone rings and you're not there? No worries, just connect your dorm room phone to your cell number via Voxox. If you're out on campus and can't pick up your dorm phone, let Voxox Find Me feature transfer the call to your cell  for free!

2. Dead End Calling

College is all about meeting new people and making connections, but giving out your cell number to someone you just met may not be the best (or safest!) idea. Instead, share your Voxox number so if you later regret giving out your digits, you can enable the Dead End Calling feature --sending the incoming call to a dial tone or to a personalized message letting them know the call has been disconnected.

3. All Your Contacts in One Place

You're busy enough studying for that upcoming biology exam, so why waste anymore time jumping around from Facebook chat, to Gmail chat, to text, to phone calls and back again, just to track down your friends and classmates? With Voxox you can store all your contacts and connect your favorite social networks to chat, call and text all from one window (start viewing at 1 min 20 sec to see a demo) -- getting you in touch and on the road to the next fun event (or maybe even a little help with that bio test) faster. Ah, the joys of technology!

4. Eavesdrop Call Screening

Don't you hate it when you're in the middle of studying, a movie or eating lunch when your phone rings and you don't really want to answer, but worry it could be something important? Eavesdrop gives you the ultimate call screening power -- letting you listen in on your next voicemail as it's being recorded in real-time and pick up if it's urgent. Now you'll always know what your parents, friends or other incoming callers are going to say before you decide to pick up!

5. Voicemail Transcription

Receiving calls during lecture or while at the library is inevitable, and although it's usually not possible to take the call or listen to a voicemail as it comes in, Voxox offers voicemail transcription -- a nifty feature that transcribes the voice message into text, allowing you to read it silently without disrupting others. Plus, even if you didn't bring your laptop to class, Voxox can send a copy of the transcription right to your cell via text so you won't miss a thing... just remember to turn your phone or Voxox ringer on silent before it beeps!

Are you excited for a new school year? Tell us how you plan to keep in touch with your friends, family and classmates -- comment right here or connect with us on the Voxox Facebook or Twitter page. Be sure to tune in next week to learn about more cool features like video chat, universal translator and Voxox Call in part two of Back to School with Voxox: Keeping in Touch While Studying Abroad!

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