Second Annual Ode to Bad Poetry Day

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Thu, Aug 16, 2012 @ 01:42 AM
Do you remember the awesomely bad poem the Voxox team composed for you last Bad Poetry Day? It was successfully quite bad and a lot of fun to write, so this year we wanted to try our hand at creating something even worse. We searched the web for an alternative way to write bad poetry and the wonders of the Internet have brought us to this little gem called the Poem Generator which spits out poems based on the words you feed it. An amazing invention, really!

Bad Poetry Day Word Magnets

In the spirit of rhyming (or not rhyming) we fed the Poem Generator words that sound nothing alike like VoIP, phone, alien, texting and fax machine and it produced quite a few poems that made no sense at all, as well as a few that just made us laugh. Please join our second annual celebration of Bad Poetry Day (which is today!) and enjoy a few of our favorite semi-human, semi-computer generated poems on the benefits and features of VoIP service:

Work swiftly like an alien.
Fast and free.
Where is the phone?
Friends can call me on my computer.

Life is busy...
Never pay for fax.
Oh, VoIP!


Always text my phone.
Or my computer.
Why does the bill not grow?
Play, work, and adventure.


The phone calls are just like Voxox.
Alien to this world!
Ooh, technology!
Talk happily.

Another year, another day full of bad poetry! Now try your hand at creating a bad poem and share it with us right here or on our Facebook page!

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