How to Take Home the Social Media Gold This Olympics

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Aug 07, 2012
If you're as into the 2012 Summer Olympics in East London as the rest of the world, you might have noticed or participated in all the social media buzz that this year's games are garnering. In fact, the 2012 Summer Olympics are getting more attention on social media than prior Olympics events! A whopping 97% of all online conversations about the opening ceremony originated on Twitter, with conversations on Facebook and YouTube following closely behind -- fans sent nearly 10 million tweets mentioning the event just dhttp://blog.voxox.com/blog/bid/302357/20-Shocking-Social-Media-Stats-to-Blow-Your-Minduring the opening ceremony alone.

It's not everyday we get to see old world records broken and new ones set, Team USA gold medal wins and a chance to watch the best athletes in the world compete against one another, so with all this Olympic excitement, the excessive online chatter is well deserved! But how can you keep your social status up-to-date and all your friends in the loop all without missing one second of your favorite events? With VoxOx!

Every second counts.

If you're constantly updating all your social statuses to show support for your favorite Olympic competitor while also actually watching them compete, you might just miss something important! Scores change every time you blink, runners-up become winners in a millisecond and the battle between Phelps and Lochte is enough to make your head spin! Plus, how do you choose which of your networks gets the real-time post and which ones get the lagging effect? With VoxOx you can broadcast your message to all your networks with just one click so no one is left in the dark!

Gather all your friends online.

Everyone has their preferred way to chat online -- some of your friends are on AIM, some are on Google chat and then there are those who can't get enough of Facebook messenger. With all your important contacts strewn across platforms, it's almost impossible to keep up real-time conversations, especially when it comes to the fast pace of the Olympics! With VoxOx, you can connect your social accounts and chat your friends across all networks from one window so you can keep running tabs on whose teams are winning, where the next viewing party is, or just to brag that you favorite competitor took home a gold!

Call, text, chat...you pick!

The way we chose to communicate changes depending on our emotions and urgency to connect. Calling, texting and chat all have their time and place, but in the heat of the moment -- like when Team USA wins a gold or when your favorite athlete sets a world record -- how do you decide? With VoxOx, choosing how you want to connect with friends is fast and easy because all of your contacts are in one list, making it simple to call, chat or even text all from one window -- or all three depending on your mood! So now, instead of reaching for your phone and different messaging sites to track down your friends, just jump on VoxOx to have all modes of communication at your fingertips.

The Olympics are almost as unpredictable as finding your friends in an online chat or catching them in a free moment for a phone call or text, so go get VoxOx now before you miss any more Olympic action while trying to track them down! If there's a VoxOx feature you think deserves a gold medal for keeping you connected with friends, family and other Olympic fans, we'd love to hear about it -- tell us here or on our Facebook page!

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