6 Funky Gadgets That Charge Your iPhone On the Go

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 12:11 AM
Leaving the house without a full iPhone battery is unimaginable for some of us (especially for you Voxox Call users!), but sitting around waiting for a charge isn't always possible. If the thought of being off the grid due to a dead smartphone gives you an anxiety attack, maybe it's time to harness your body's own energy to power your devices!

These wearable, portable and otherwise innovative gadgets store energy generated from your body for use when you need it most: when you're on the go, away from a wall outlet, with a dead cell or favorite device.

1. Pump Up the Heat with the Power of Your Feet

Sweaty feet are what you're after when walking, hiking or dancing around in these thermoelectric boots. The Orange Power Wellies harness the heat generated by your feet (the hotter your feet, the quicker you build up the electrical current) to charge your smartphone, MP3 player and much, much more. Just 12 hours of walking will recharge your phone for an hour or so.

Orange Power Wellies

2. Hand Crank Your Way to a Full Charge

This hand crank generator from K-Tor works just as you'd expect, simply wind it up to charge iOS and Android devices, tablets, digital cameras, GPS devices and even standard rechargeable batteries. At just one pound, it's super light and gives off up to 10 watts of electricity at 120 volts!

Hand Crank

3. Power Your Office With Pedals

Staying in shape while putting in long hours at the office has never been easier thanks to the We-Bike. This pedal-powered desk not only helps you stay in shape, but also makes use of kinetic energy to harness usable electric power. So go grab your co-workers and start peddling to generate enough power to charge all the mobile devices you need to get through a hard days work. Pedal hard enough and you can even charge the bike's built-in table lamp!


4. Collect Electricity for a Charge Anytime, Anywhere

Compatible with 90% of hand-held electronic devices, the nPower PEG is the world's first non-wearable charger that uses the energy generated while walking, running, or biking to charge your favorite gadgets. It's about the size of a banana, weighs 11 ounces and is so easy to use -- simply put it in your bag and let it harvest your kinetic energy. For every minute you walk, you get one minute of playback time on your iPod or iPhone... go get your walk on!

nPower PEG

And here are a couple of concepts in the works...

5. Power Your iPhone Just by Sitting

Tiny carbon nanotubes cover this new fabric called Power Felt that can convert body heat into an electric charge. Changes in temperature -- like sitting on it with your hot butt or holding it in your warm palm -- creates an electrical charge that can power your favorite gadgets. Another cool use researchers say Power Felt may come in handy for?  Lining car seats to give your car a battery boost!

Power Felt

6. Sole Power for Your Gadgets

An entrepreneur in Kenya is working on his latest intention --  a ultra-thin crystal chip that is to be inserted into the soles of your shoes to produces energy when pressure is applied. Once this chip hits the market, walking, running, party rocking, etc. is all you'll need to charge your phone either while on the move or once you've reached your destination!

Crystal Chip Shoe Energy

Have you ever tried any of these funky chargers or do you have another way to keep your gadgets running when you're away from power outlets? Remember, a dead iPhone means no Voxox Call app... so keep those babies charged for cheap outbound calls (even internationally!), texts and faxes and absolutely free inbound communications.

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