Techy vs. Tacky: Camping Gadgets

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 11:54 PM
Like ice cream and sun tans, camping is a summertime staple. As a kid you were probably stoked to get out the tent and leave your Nintendo and Walkman behind in exchange for a lumpy sleeping bag and mysterious night crawlers, but with today's technology the meaning of camping has changed a little bit and iPods, iPhones and other gadgets are normal campsite companions.

A day in the woods can go from enjoying the great outdoors to dreading the great outdoors pretty quickly if we’re away from our routine for too long. So, for those of us who like to be one with nature, but also need the comforts of home at the campsite, there’s probably a gadget for that,  but how techy is too techy for a day in the woods?

Take a look at this summer's all new camping gadgets and decide if they’re techy or just plain tacky!

1. BioLite CampStove: Not all of us are Boy Scouts by nature and might need a little help from the the tech gods when it comes to cooking up a dinner in the woods, so it's BioLite CampStove to the rescue. Not only is it a safe, clean and easy option if a traditional campfire just isn't your scene, it also comes with an incredible perk – it collects escaping heat and converts it to electricity that can be used to charge your iPhone or iPod so you're never without your favorite apps!

BioLite CampStove

2. iBottle  Opener: This is a new kind of multi-purpose tool. It doesn't have a blade for gutting fish or a fold-out pair of pliers, but it can protect your iPhone from gentle damage and pop the top of an ice-cold brew. Oh, and did we mention you can customize your case with a company logo or favorite college sports team?

iBottle Opener

3. Otterbox Defender Series iPhone Case: If the iBottle opener wasn't hardcore enough for your camping style, this case should do the trick... it isn't called the Defender for nothing! The Otterbox Defender Series provides heavy duty protection from even the worst environments. With triple-layer protection from dust, drops, water and anything else you may encounter on your next camping trip, you're sure to head home with at least your phone fully intact!

Otterbox Defender Series iPhone Case


4. UMI USHI Solar Charging System: This charging dock can suction to your car window or be placed in direct sunlight to charge smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles or anything else you can plug into a USB cord. Use the light of day to fuel your gadgets -- it will come in handy for looking up your favorite campfire sing-a-long lyrics!

Solar Charging System

5. MiFi Dongle: This is more than a mobile hotspot, the Mifi dongle  is an Internet addicts dream! With just the click of a button you can send a wifi signal out for a 3 mile radius. Beware, campers in the area may offer up gifts of thanks in the form of hot cocoa and smores.


Whether you're a firm believer in traditional camping or a techy on the go, there's no denying gadgets are making their way into the woods! Do you own any of these or other fancy camping gadgets? Would you take these on your next outing or is technology best left at home? Be sure to tell us on the Voxox Facebook page!

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