3 Cases When You Should Fax, Not Email

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jun 22, 2012
Every day, people use Voxox for a variety of reasons and take advantage of unique features that makes their daily communications easier. From the foreign exchange student studying abroad in the United States who wants to stay in touch with her family without spending a fortune, to the super-connected social media-ite who likes to keep all her contacts in one place, to the businessman who wants the support of a personal assistant without well… actually having a personal assistant. There’s something for every kind of user.

However popular some of Voxox’s features are, like personal assistant, dead-end calling and text translation, people often ask about our built-in faxing capabilities -- “Why fax when I can just email?” So, to put an end to this burning question, we have found three reasons why you may prefer to fax instead of email:

1. Emails can be blocked or lost in
spam... but not faxes!     Fax, Not Email

Most company networks and individuals have filters that scan and reroute messages directly to the junk mailbox. If you send an attachment that’s too large, poorly named or from an unknown email address, it could be lost in the interwebs forever without you nor the recipient being the wiser. With fax, there’s no SPAM box to eat messages; in fact, documents are automatically printed for review.

2. Email attachments can harbor viruses -- faxes don't.

These can seriously harm your computer! Online security researchers have found that most common email attachment file formats – Adobe PDFs and even Word and Excel documents -- are susceptible to viruses. With attachment sending becoming more common, people often aren’t careful and infect their computers before they know it. Fax machines, on the other hand, can’t read these messages so no hardware is at risk.

3. Faxes can keep sensitive information private and offline.

Without the added security of encryption, most email isn’t protected from the prying eyes of anyone with a knack for computers --  hackers or even your company’s IT department! However, since faxing is inherently encrypted, it’s impossible to hack and decode your fax message.

For everyday correspondence, email is probably still your preferred communication, but faxing is a fantastic alternative when information security and computer safety are a concern. Remember to keep the above reasons in mind when sharing sensitive documents!

If you didn’t know that your Voxox phone number doubles as a fax number, you’ll have to try it out. Faxing with Voxox is very inexpensive (and free for inbound!) and there’s no fax machine required! Plus, the Voxox Call iPhone app just launched last year — fully equipped with a free fax viewer / ability to receive faxes as well as outbound faxing capabilities! Go get your free Voxox number now and be sure to tell us what your favorite feature is. Whether it’s faxing or one of our many social integration tools, share your faves with us right here or on our Facebook page!


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