My Voxox Story: A Parent's Perspective

Posted by Tristan Barnum on May 22, 2012
Earlier this month we celebrated moms. This made us think about how a service like Voxox can be handy for new parents. So, we asked Heidi S., a new mom and Voxox user to share her experience.

Here's Heidi's story in her own words:

I live life two hours at a time. That’s how long it is between each of my infant daughter’s naps. In those two hours I change her, feed her, play with her, take her on walks, and encourage her growth and development. Then she goes to sleep, and the whole cycle starts again.

Heidi and her daughter, Danielle
Spare time? I’ve forgotten the meaning of the term!

As every parent knows, a baby takes nearly every second of free time you have, free time you used to take for granted and spent however you pleased. The hours I used to spend online or on the phone are now reduced to a mere log on, check in, shut down scenario.

No spare time: that’s just a fact of parenting!  The question is: how to make the most of what little free time I have?

That’s where Voxox comes in.

I don’t have time to log into several different accounts simply to let people know what I’m up to or fire off an email. So I log into Voxox and take care  of everything all in the same program!

During naptime, I quickly chat with friends on multiple networks all in one window, and update my status on each of those networks. While she plays, I send off an email or Tweet about her latest antics. With her in my lap, I make a video call with grandparents so they can see her brand new tooth.

Thanks to Voxox, I don’t waste a second of those precious snippets of spare time.

Not only that, I use Voxox to make calls and send texts, saving money and cell phone minutes and avoiding fumbling with my phone or searching for its charger.

A stay at home mom struggles to find time to stay connected to the outside world. The baby is her entire world. Her nonstop focus. The baby is her job, 24/7! We don’t mind, but any tool that makes this job even a little bit easier is the equivalent of a miracle.

Voxox saves me time, which keeps me connected to my friends and family. Being able to connect with those around me helps me feel more like who I was before I became a parent, which makes all the difference in the world.

Any other Voxox parents out there who'd like to share their experience?  Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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