Infographic: Teen Texting & App Habits

Posted by Tristan Barnum on May 02, 2012

A recent Nielsen study on teenagers and mobiles found that data usage on mobile devices tripled last year, with an average of a whopping 320mb per month! Add to that a survey by mobile social entertainment company, FunMobility, which found that teens are spending more time on their mobiles than any other device. Not surprising, right?  Well, the survey also shows a glimpse into what they're doing. The top four mobile activities are: sending text message or chatting, downloading applications, playing games, and browsing the Internet. Here are a few other revealing stats:

    • 56 percent of respondents stated that they spend ‘much more time’ on their devices than they used to.
    • Girls are sending text messages 28 percent more frequently than boys.
    • The rate of message exchanges per month per teen hit an average of 3,417 in the third quarter of 2011.
    • The average teenager has 25 apps installed on their mobile device.

Check out this infographic, originally published on ZDNet, to see the full picture of the current teen texting universe:


FunMobility Infographic - Teen Texting Habits

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