4 Ways to Tell a Story, Voxox-Style

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Apr 27, 2012
According to The National Day Calendar, today is "National Tell a Story Day"!  So, we ask you -- as the world's first and only "universal communicator", could we really pass this up?   There are so many ways to share  something, but let's start with the four that are at the heart of it all...

1. Broadcast to the World -- Have you ever had something happen that you just HAD to share with all your friends?  Immediately. Maybe with your frenemies, too. Well, that's the beauty of a social status update. So many birds, one stone. You just put it out there without any expectations and it feels nice to get it off your chest. And with Voxox, it's even faster because whatever you enter in the global status bar broadcasts out to all your social and chat networks. Ah, sweet relief!

Broadcast to the World
Voxox for the desktop - Global Status

2. Text Messaging in Anticipation -- Some stories are not for broadcasting, and when you're dying to dish, who doesn't opt for a quick text message?  Now, the interesting thing about texting is that you never really know when you'll get a response.  It's quite mysterious, actually... when you send that text, there's no way to tell if the person is there typing a reply to you, at the movies with their phone on silent, or on a technology-free weekend getaway. But when you hear that little ding, your heart races and you drop everything to go check it out. (Also nice when that text message you just sent was only a penny and the response you received was free-- thanks to Voxox.)

Texting Anticipation
Voxox Call for iPhone - SMS screen

3. Instant Gratification... err... Messaging

You know what's a good feeling? When that green little presence bubble lights up as the person you've been waiting to share something with comes online!  Your fingers are doing the talking, but you still feel like you're in the same frame of mind, connected. Plus, when you're using Voxox, you can see presence for buddies in all of your major IM and social networks.

File sharing (window)
Voxox for the desktop - Unified Messaging Window

4. The Conversation that Says It All

As "instant" as all of these electronic modes of communication are, there's nothing like telling a story via live, verbal communication. You get to use your voice tone, inflection, dramatic pauses, laughter and you get to hear the reactions of the other person on the line. Add a visual to it (like Voxox video chat), and you're golden.

Voxox Video Chat
Voxox VoIP Video Chat

So, there you have it -- lots of great ways to share your stories today. Now go make some memorable moments on "National Tell a Story Day"!


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