Four Ways to Say I Love You with Voxox

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Feb 13, 2012
Valentine's Day
Ah, Valentine's Day. Chocolates, flowers, romantic surprises. So many great ways to say   "I love you".  But what's the best way?  To actually say it, of course!  Here at Voxox, we give you the opportunity to do that in so many ways...

1. Send a Special "Love Fax" to Your Significant Other

Love letters are rare these days... and so are faxes. But when you have such an easy, cheap way to fax from your iPhone (with the Voxox Call app), you might just get a little poetic.  Snap a photo of something romantic - like a post-it that says "I love you" stuck to your head - and fax it to your significant other. Who doesn't love a little  faxing attention on Valentine's Day?

2. Send a Romantic Text Message in Another Language

They say that French is the language of love. So, why not text your honey some sweet nothings with an exotic flavor, using the Voxox Universal Translator. You type in English and it comes out in French (or another language you deem romantic) on the other end-  Mon amour: tu es mon tout. S'il vous plaît prenez le soir poubelle. Should (s)he know French and respond, you'll get the translation there too. Oui, oui!

3. Share a Love File

What does love look like... or sound like?  I'm sure you have your own ideas about that. So why not send it via the Voxox file sharing feature? You can send images, music files, videos, etc. -- up to 100 MB.  Maybe the sumo match from your trip to Japan would express just how big your love is.

4. If All Else Fails, Just Call

Hearing your voice is sometimes all your other half needs. Maybe use the video calling feature so that (s)he can see your smile, too. Just think of something good to say so that you're both smiling.

Thinking of other creative ways to say "I love you"?  Post ideas on the Voxox Facebook page!


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