My Voxox Story. A CFO's 5 Fave Ways to Use Voxox at Work...

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Oct 21, 2011
As a busy CFO, I have no time to waste. Voxox helps me get stuff done. Here's how I use it to make my work life easier:

1. Receiving faxes with my iPhone (for free!)

Despite what you may think you know, faxes are alive and well, and a guy on-the-go needs a way to receive and read them whenever, wherever. The ability to get free faxes on my iPhone is one of my all-time favorite Voxox features. They're crisp, clear, and easy to read (with my glasses on, that is). This is huge for me....HUGE!!!

2. Calling overseas for super cheap on my iPhoneCFO VoxOx faxing

I don't bother making international calls from my landline. It's too expensive and not convenient when dealing with time zones across the globe. With my iPhone and the Voxox Call mobile app I know I can call global partners when they're at the office and I can be anywhere (and I mean anywhere!), anytime.

3. Cheap and free worldwide SMS

Texting isn't just for tweens anymore. It's for us big-thumbed businesspeople, too. Sure, I get free texting through Voxox because I work here, but our rates are so ridiculously low that I tell all my friends to use us. Both iPhone and desktop apps: free incoming text messages, 1 penny to send SMS to the U.S. and Canada, 2 to the rest of the world. Nuff said.

4. Using translator to chat with our business customers overseas

Given that my foreign language capabilities don't extend beyond college freshman French, being able to translate my messages with the Voxox Universal Translator feature eliminates that barrier. I've used it to communicate back and forth in many languages but still waiting for something that translates that version of English they speak in London.

5. Chat and Tweet from the same place

This is an incredible time saver because my Facebook friends and Twitter followers are always wanting to know my latest take on the economy, politics, reality TV.... I can update my Voxox status, my Facebook status, and send out tweets that inform and entertain with a single post in my Voxox desktop app. Most of my chat takes place through Voxox also, and it works seamlessly with Facebook.


So, there you have it. These are just a few of the reasons I use Voxox. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I tweet about my Voxox stories all the time -- and it's not just because I'm the CFO here, it's because I love this app! Try it for yourself and you'll know what I mean.

Did Jim miss any good ways to use Voxox at work?  Comment on this post or on our Voxox Facebook page with your ideas.

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