Techy vs. Tacky: Home Electronics Edition

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Sep 27, 2011
We all love techy stuff. The iPad2, flat screen HDTVs, and 3D smartphones, but have you ever seen an item and wonder, "Who would ever buy that?" Well, these gadgets very well fall into that category.

Check out these seemingly useless, but strangely awesome toys and tell us which one (or ones) draw the line between Techy vs. Tacky...

Did any of these make your Christmas wishlist (you know you want the LED faucet that comes in both red AND blue!) or are you in awe that these gadgets even exist?

Take our poll and let us know which gadgets are cool and which one's are just over the top ridiculous.

If you actually own one of these things, or any other cool (or useless) gadgets, it's your duty as a nerd to let us know. Share them with us here or on Facebook!

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