Students Love Back to School Gadgets!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Aug 17, 2011
School isn't all about number 2 pencils and Trapper Keepers anymore, people. A new wave of education is upon us. At one time universities were considering banning laptops and smartphones from class, but maybe technology in the classroom isn't as distracting as some professors would like to believe.

According to a recent infographic from OnlineEducation.net, students are growing increasingly attached to their gadgets but they're not just playing Angry Birds and texting, they are using high-tech tablets and devices to optimize their learning experience. Check out this infographic to see how some college level classes are embracing social media, not shunning it, and how digital assignments are increasing engagement and generating a positive response from students:

Infographic How Students Use Technology Back to School
Infographic Source – Adapted from OnlineEducation.net/students-love-tech

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