Back to School: 4 Ways Voxox Call iPhone App Can Help Your College Life

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Fri, Aug 12, 2011 @ 03:31 AM
Back to School
For some of us, the end of summer comes with mixed feelings. We'll miss the beach days, pool parties, sunny days, warm nights... but it also means the beginning of new adventures. For example, going off to college for the first time and experiencing new-found freedom. Of course, with that freedom comes some financial responsibility, and, in this economy, it's not a bad idea to find ways to save on keeping up with friends and family. Check out a few ways the Voxox Call iPhone app can help you save as you start off the new school year:

1) Free phone number in your new state

If you’re starting school in another state (U.S.), you may want to get a second phone number with that state’s area code. When you sign up (free) for Voxox -- either for Voxox Call for iPhone or Voxox for the desktop -- you get a free phone number that forwards to any of your other phones. This feature works similarly to Google Voice, however if you have family in multiple states or in Canada, you can also get additional phone numbers for less than two bucks a month. This way, your out-of-state grandma can call you at a dedicated number that's local for her. (Maybe she'll even pay for it, since you're trying to save her money!) If you're an international student with family in another country, you could achieve the same effect with our free global access number (iNum), which allow folks in 45+ countries to call Voxox phone numbers at local rates.

2) Cheap or free worldwide SMS over Wi-Fi or mobile Internet

Let's talk about that unlimited texting plan you have with your carrier -- you may want to cancel it and use this way cheaper option instead.  With the Voxox Call app, you can text over the Internet on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It's free to receive texts; one penny to send in the U.S. and Canada; 2 cents to send anywhere else in the world. Plus, if you have the Voxox desktop software, it all works together, so, you can send and receive texts through the same account from your computer and your iOS devices, depending on what you have on you.

3) Long-distance calls for pennies

If you're a student on a budget, you might consider downgrading your wireless plan to regionally-restricted / local calling and using the Voxox Call app to dial out of state. Our awesome callback functionality lets you dial out of state without paying an outbound toll. It works like this: you dial a number and Voxox calls you back with the person on the line. Your carrier counts this as an incoming call, and incoming calls typically don't incur toll fees.  You just pay a penny per minute for calls to the U.S. and Canada and varying cheap rates for calls to other parts of the world.  You may want to confirm your carrier's policies, just in case.

4) Free and cheap faxing

For college students who may need to receive a fax, whether it's financial aid paperwork, rental agreement, work study application, etc., Voxox Call iPhone app offers free inbound faxing. You can receive, view and forward faxes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you ever need to send a fax, just download the Voxox desktop app for free. Sending faxes through Voxox will cost you just a few pennies and no stress. Voxox has the only free phone number in the world that’s voice-, SMS- and fax-enabled (plus free voicemail transcription, too!), so why not take advantage?

So there you have it-- four tips that may just help you save a few bucks in college... think of all the extra coffee! Have any other tips of your own?  Share them by commenting here or on the Voxox Facebook page.

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