Facebook Gives You More Real Friends and Boosts Emotional Support

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jun 23, 2011

Facebook Notification

Do you find yourself accepting Facebook friend requests just because you kind of remember their name from back in kindergarten and you have one mutual friend, or do you blush a little when you get "Poked", or feel like you have a new BFF when a friend of a friend of a friend tags you in a photo? If so, you're not alone. According to a recent study by Pew Internet & American Life Project, Facebook makes people 43% more trusting of others than non-Facebookers and it gives you more real friends.

You know what we like about Facebook? It puts our best face forward - pretty profile pics, tons of friends, "Happy Birthday!!" wishes floating around like we're back in elementary school, and witty comments that make you "Like" it even more - with all this goodness, it's hard not to get in on the action, and that's exactly what Facebook users are doing. Pew reports that nearly half of all American adults use at least one social networking site, and 92% of them are on Facebook. Out of that huge percentage, 52% of those users get on "The Book" daily and it seems to be boosting their self esteem and social support system; note that smile you get when you see a red notification bubble!

On a more personal level, how many of your Friends could you call if you were let's say...  stranded Hangover style 300 miles from home with a fresh tattoo on your forehead and no pants on? None? One? Two? The average person has two confidants who would save them from this awful situation, while the daily Facebook user boasts a whopping 2.35 friends they could call in desperate times - that's 9% more life-saving friends than those who do not use Facebook on the regular.

As  you've probably discovered, Facebook can also bring you back into contact with long lost pals and allow you to photo stalk that guy you met out last weekend (granted you spelled his name correctly in your iPhone whilst shaking it to Chris Brown). We know Facebook is great for revving up the virtual friend engine, but not all Facebook friends are superficial. According to Pew, the average Facebook user is mostly friends with people from high school, followed by extended family, coworkers, college friends, family, peer groups, and neighbors. Although over 31% of Facebook friends don't fall into these categories, only 7% of friends are people users have never met in person (that guy with no profile picture from a country you've never heard of, for example).

Facebook Friends

The moral of the story? If you're feeling lonely, skeptical, or can only think of one person who would rescue you from your Hangover disaster, hop on Facebook and start "Liking", messaging, "Poking" and posting. If nothing else, visit the Voxox Facebook page and we'll show you some love!

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