Happy Father's Day from Voxox!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jun 17, 2011
You're giving your dad a call this Father's Day, right? Of course you are! How else would you say, "I love you Dad!" or stay updated on the tentative weather forecast for a city you don't live in, or hear about how your mom ran into the curb again, or that the neighbor kids are doing a bottle drive? This is all very important information and with all the ways we have to stay connected - email, SMS, call, and video calling, just to name a few - there's no reason not to.

Although some of these new communication tools can seem impersonal,  video chatting is different because it's like talking face-to-face in the same room! Take a lesson from my dad and I - although we live thousands of miles apart, we don't go more than a week without seeing one another thanks to Voxox video chat, and this Father's Day will be no different! Voxox to Voxox video chat is simple. It's just the same as placing a phone call, but better! Check out this step-by-step to get you on your way to some face-time with Dad.

Step 1: Turn on Voxox to Voxox video chat capability. First, sign into your Voxox account. Once logged in, go to File and choose Preferences from the drop-down. A new window will open, and from there choose Video on the left hand side. See the red circle below? To enable Voxox to Voxox video chat, simply check the box. This indicates all Voxox to Voxox calls will have video chat enabled. Then hit OK. Hint: Make sure the person on the other end has video enabled too!

Father's Day VoxOx Video Chat


Step 2: Choose the contact you'd like to call (aka your dad!) and click the black triangle by their name to open the call menu. From there, choose their Voxox number and a call box will automatically pop-up indicating the call has been initiated.

Father's Day VoxOx Video Chat

Step 3: Smile for the camera and chat away! A streaming video will automatically pop-up once the call has connected.

Father's Day VoxOx Video Chat

Simple, huh? Don't waste anymore time, get your dad on a Voxox video chat now! If you don't already have a Voxox number, you can get one for free here and explore all that Voxox has to offer.

A special thanks to my dad for starring in today's blog, lookin' good Dad!! And to all of the wonderful dads out there, Happy Father's Day from Voxox!

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