Who Wants Voicemail Transcription on Their iPhone? I Do! I Do!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Wed, Jun 15, 2011 @ 11:30 PM
When you download the free Voxox iPhone app - Voxox Call - you get a bunch of cool features, but one of my personal favorites is voicemail transcription.

When you sign up for the app, you get a free phone number (which has a slew of features worthy of a separate blog entry). You can select a free number across the U.S. or purchase a Canadian virtual number that also gets you the same perks. Any time someone calls that number and leaves you a voicemail, you can view the transcription right on your iPhone. Here's how this works:

So whether you want to give your Voxox number out as your primary phone number, your business line, or to your blind dates, you now have the option to never listen to a long, drawn-out voicemail again.

Check it out, you'll love it...

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