Cheapest Way to Call Voxox Online Numbers in Brazil and 45 Other Places

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jun 10, 2011
A few weeks ago, Skype suspended their online numbers in Brazil. This was said to be a temporary arrangement; however, we have not seen the numbers become available yet.  So, we wanted to share some helpful tips on how folks in Brazil (and 45 other countries/territories) can receive free calls on their  desktop from any phone by using Voxox and our special iNum integration.

This is huge!  Not only do you get calls for free on your desktop, but also friends and family who call YOU from landlines, mobiles, etc. pay a local rate in these 45 regions. Here's how it works:

First, active your (FREE) iNum number at the Voxox online store.
When you sign up for Voxox, you get a free U.S. phone number. You also get an option to grab a free iNum number for your Voxox account at our online Store at My.Voxox:

How to Get Your iNum Number with VoxOx

You can then use the vanity search when selecting your iNum number -- stick to 3 or 4 letters or numbers for best results. When you've found a number you like, click Activate:

How to Select and Activate Your iNum Number with VoxOx

Now you can receive calls to your Voxox number through iNum. Here's how:

Let’s say your family lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and your mom wants to call you from her home phone.
    1. Send her your new iNum number that you activated, and tell her to save it in her records as "[your name]‘s iNum." (Tip: your iNum number does not change.)
    2. Point her to this list of local access phone numbers.
    3. When she is ready to call you, she should dial the local access number that is closest to her location (Tip: in this case, it would be +55 1137119355 for Sao Paolo)
    4. When prompted, she should enter your iNum number, which you gave her in Step 1.
    5. Her call will immediately be routed to your Voxox account wherever you are, and follow any forwarding rules you’ve set up. Pick up and say hello!
In this scenario, your mom is just paying her carrier for a local Sao Paolo call. If you're receiving the call with Voxox for the desktop, you're paying nothing. Period. If you're forwarding calls to other phones, there's a small outbound usage charge, according to our cheap VoIP rates. You get other perks too - check out our How-To Guide on iNum to learn more about using iNum with your Voxox account.

One last thing... in addition to low cost and free Internet-based calling, users who receive inbound calls to a Voxox phone number get a ton of other perks, including the ability to simultaneously forward calls to any 5 calling devices (similar to the Google Voice), digitally record calls, transfer calls to other devices and create a 20-party conference call all by simply pressing star commands (like *1) on their phone's keypad.

So why now get your free iNum number today?  Go to the Voxox store to activate yours for free.

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