Techy vs. Tacky: Tech Etiquette for the Overly Chatty

Posted by Tristan Barnum on May 24, 2011
Here's the scenario. You're on a train cruising up the West Coast and a woman next to you is talking on her cell phone. You think nothing of it, and pull out People magazine and your stash of Skittles and try to enjoy the ride. A couple hours later your Skittles are gone, you now know where Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga vacation, and the woman next to you is still on her phone.You (and everyone else in the train car) are beginning to get annoyed, you ask her to be quiet; she keeps talking and talking. The car attendants ask to to turn her phone off, she doesn't. Then 16 hours later everyone snaps and police arrest her for disorderly conduct. True story. Lakeysha Beard was recently arrested in Oregon for talking too loudly for 16 consecutive hours on a quiet Amtrak car.

Ok, did anyone pick up on this... 16 hours later!? How did people last that long without ripping the phone from her hands? You know what you could do in 16 hours? Well, a lot of things, but talking on the phone shouldn't be one of them.

I've stumbled upon a few articles that defend this woman's rights of expression. Rights of expression? No way. That's just plain rude and probably causes some sort of cancer. Since 16 hours now defines the point at which a phone call becomes an annoyance, let's see how you would react when your ears are pushed to the limit.

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