Go Eco-Friendly with Voxox this Earth Day

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Apr 22, 2011
Most of us do our part to help out mother nature and make our planet a little greener. Companies are "going green,"  recycled tires are used for paving roads, blue trash cans are commonplace, and the reusable bag revolution is taking over! All of these changes are important, but there is much more we can be doing to save our planet!

alien globeCheck out a few ways Voxox can help you reduce your footprint:

1. Send files electronically rather than printing.

2. Text or chat instead of snail mail - instant gratification, plus no emissions from mail trucks and no wasted paper!

3. Use the Find Me feature to forward Voxox calls to any number on any phone, allowing you to telecommute - saving fuel consumption and lowering green house gas emissions.

4. Send and receive e-faxes rather than paper faxes, plus you'll get them right to your desktop!

5. Best of all, Voxox lets you do all this from ONE device, your computer! No need to buy seperate equipment and furthur contribute to manufacturing pollution.

There are a thousand ways to reduce your impact on the planet, but Voxox technology is one that lets you stay connected while being environmentally concious. If you don't have Voxox, try it out for free... it won't hurt, especially the planet!

Share with us what unique things you do to keep the planet green. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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