4 Tips For Easy Fax by Internet with Voxox

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Wed, Apr 6, 2011 @ 05:30 AM
Did you know that your free Voxox phone number is 2-way fax-enabled?  This means that you can send and receive faxes without a Kinko’s run!

TIP 1: To receive faxes, simply provide your Voxox phone number and check your fax inbox:

Free faxing

This is completely FREE! No membership or service fees, just easy faxing.


TIP 2: If you need to send a fax, simply type the fax number into the search bar and hit “fax.”

Cheap Electronic Faxing

Fill out a cover page and attach the document you’d like to send by browsing your computer:

Cheap Electronic Faxing

Hit ‘Ok’ and you’ve sent your fax!

TIP 3: If you have someone on your contact list that you fax regularly, you can program their fax number in and have it stored for you for quicker faxing in the future:

Cheap electronic faxing

TIP 4: If you need to send an international fax and are not sure of the country code, pop open the Voxox keypad and find your country of choice:

Cheap International Faxing

While receiving faxes is free, sending has a small (per minute) cost associated with it – a penny per minute in the U.S. and Canada and just a few pennies per minute in other countries. You can buy credits to add to your account as you need them or sign up for a monthly plan at our online store.

Now you give it try… and thanks for using Voxox!

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