Departures Names Voxox "Best Gadget of 2011: Communication"

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Mar 09, 2011
Departures, a luxury travel magazine published by American Express, has just dubbed Voxox the "Best Gadget of 2011: Communication"! Among their list of "15 Best Gagets of 2011" were big names like the BlackBerry PlayBook for best tablet, Audi for best smart car with internet and dashboard graphics, and Lenovo for best TV-PC hybrid (1/2 computer, 1/2 HDTV - pretty cool)!

Departures recognized Voxox for its integrated user interface and unique features. Here's a highlight from the web article, "Instant messaging, SMS, Skype, email, Facebook: The newly updated Voxox (voxox.com) desktop program puts all those modes of communication into one manageable window so that staying up-to-date with friends and colleagues no longer requires checking multiple devices. In addition, Voxox offers a bevy of other communication tools, including on-the-fly translation of e-mail."

Departures Clip

So, why would Departures, a travel mag, recognize Voxox as the Best Communication Gaget for 2011? Because it has awesome travel features like Universal Translator that translates text in real time between ~50 languuages and Call Connect for SMS. Even TIME magazine diggs this unique, money-saving feature, calling it "a creative solution for international travelers who want to avoid paying exorbitant rates for overseas calls."

Go check out more Voxox travel features and let us know what you think!

The Best Gadgets of 2011 round-up is in the March/April electronic issue of Departures (we're under "Worldly Goods" section - 2011's Best Gadgets in the table of contents). Check out the Web Exclusive article to see it for yourself!

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