Voxox Valentine's Day Contest Results!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Feb 15, 2011

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!  We sure did as we looked through our Voxx Facebook Valentine's Day contest photo submissions for a blind date for our CES Alien... So who won?

Lady Gaga

Jim K. wants to see the Voxox alien with Lady Gaga!"

]Mars Attack
Melanie W. nominated the sexy alien from Mars Attacks"

Princess leia[
Allison B. thinks only a princess is worthy.

Jorge G. thinks the Voxox alien would have a solid shot with Snooki

Star Wars Yoda

Or Sean W. thinks perhaps "Yaddle", the female of the Yoda species?


According to Matt B. this astronaut would be a match made in heaven

Monster Inc

Matt H. thinks maybe this sassy lady?

Although Snooki was the funniest by far, we didn't want to turn our Alien off to the entire human race. So the winner is... Futurama! Congratulations Heidi S., enjoy your free Voxox T-shirt!



Thanks for all those who participated and helped our Alien find love this Valentine's Day!... and remember, Speak Free with Voxox!


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