Voxox Contact Merging: One Contact, Every Mode of Communication...

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jan 31, 2011
What we all love about Voxox is that it has all your communication needs covered -- you can chat to friends on any network, text, call, email, video chat, Tweet, send gigantic files and otherwise socialize with your friends, and all from a single dashboard.  Now, our latest product release, which launched at CES 2011, has a killer feature that takes this to the next level: contact merging. 

With a service like Voxox, contact merging is unlike anything you may have experienced. Imagine being able to have a "virtual card" that has all of a friend's (or business colleague's) electronic information unified in one place -- all their phone numbers, email addresses, chat and social networks they're on-- AND having the ability to click on that information to start your conversation instantly! 

Check out this video clip to see exactly how this works:

So what do you think?  Give it a try and let us know!

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