Voxox Voicemail Transcription Turns Voicemail Into Instant Messages!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Mon, Jan 24, 2011 @ 10:00 PM
Let's be honest - when you get a voicemail, it's kind of a chore to listen to it. With this new Voxox feature, you might just never have to listen to a long, drawn-out voicemail ever again.... well, unless you want to. Instead, you can simply get a transcript of it via SMS, email and/or instant message. Plus, Voxox enables you to respond back with a text message directly from the chat window!  How's that for efficiency?

Here's how it works: 
When you sign up for Voxox you get a free phone number, which works for phone calls, texts and even faxes. With that phone number comes our awesome Voxox voicemail with a whole slew of cool features. Then, say you get a call to your Voxox number and you're busy. You reject the call, and the person leaves you a voicemail.

As soon as the voicemail is left, you get an instant message to your Voxox chat window with a text transcription of the recording. You'll know it's an inbound voicemail because the chat message you receive is prefaced with the word "Voicemail" and there's also a voicemail icon on the right. Here's what this looks like:

Voxox Voicemail Transcription 

Then, since you're in Voxox, you can immediately switch to SMS mode and respond with a text message to the person who just called you, assuming they called from a text-enabled phone. When you do this, you'll see the icon on the right switch to SMS. Check out the screenshot above.  

You can also receive your transcriptions to your mobile as an SMS and/or to your email.  To manage these options, head over to the header menu, select Preferences and click on the Notification Settings tab. You can select email notification only, SMS notification only, or both!  Here's what you'll see: 

Voicemail Notifications  

You can enable and disable transcription anytime you wish. To manage your transcription options, go to the header menu and follow this path: Preferences --> Phone Settings --> Voicemail --> check/un-check transcription option: 

Voxox Transcription Enabled 

Tip: You can also get to Phone Settings  from the footer by clicking on the phone icon and then selecting My Phones. 

So there ya go. You're all set to transcribe your voicemails. (It's been so incredibly handy for me personally - I can't recommend it enough!) Now go give it a shot and tell us what you think! 

Oh, and keep on Voxing...

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