Finding Your Favorite Old Voxox Features in the New Voxox

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jan 13, 2011
Voxox 2.5 (dubbed the “new Voxox”) has been totally redesigned and restructured for a better user experience. If you've been with us from the get-go, don't fret -- all the functionality is still here, just in slightly different locations! Below are a few tips for our early Voxox users on how to locate their favorite features that have moved around the product.  

TIP 1:  Say Goodbye to the Apps Tab!

Our #1 goal was to streamline and simplify the user interface. To do so, we’ve removed the Apps tab (one of our main screens in the original Voxox desktop software) and redistributed all the features previously located there, largely to our newly expanded online user portal called "My.Voxox" at https://my.voxox.com, which is linked from within the software, but deserves a tip of its own... 

My VoxOx
TIP 2: Say Hello to My.Voxox

My.Voxox is your new account management home as well as the home of the Voxox store.  It's web-based portal (a web site) -- https://my.voxox.com -- which means that you can access it from any Internet browser without having to log into the software. My.Voxox consists of 3 main sections:

My Account for viewing your balance, plans, numbers, change password, and other billing & account details

Voxox Store where you can purchase calling and texting credit, unlimited plans, additional phone numbers (virtual numbers), or get your free iNum number.

Settings, a subset of phone settings which you can manage remotely -- your Find Me, Call Connect for SMS (a.k.a. SMS callback), and your Caller ID

TIP 3: Web Callback = Part of Voxox Call Connect for the desktop

If you ever used the Web callback feature in older versions of Voxox, you can now use its much wiser, older brother Voxox Call Connect. Call Connect is a unique integration of software and service that allows you to initiate VoIP calls from any device. This feature is much more than a Web callback functionality, but if you simply need to do a Web callback -- that's where you go to do that. Here's a quick video clip on how to use it.

TIP 4: SMS Callback = Voxox Call Connect for SMS

With the launch of Voxox Call Connect, we decided to rename the feature previously known as SMS callback to Voxox Call Connect for SMSIt's really an extension of the ability to trigger VoIP calls on any device, so we felt that this makes a lot of sense.  For those who've used SMS callback, you know that it was built into the software as part of the Apps tab. You can now manage this service online at My.Voxox. Look for it by its new name, though! 

TIP 5: Keypad is now a pop out

In an effort to further streamline the interface, we've removed the permanently present Keypad screen, and instead created a button in the header that, once clicked, pops out the Keypad window.

New Voxox keypad

And of course, don't forget to check out brand new features, like voicemail transcription, contact merging, and others. (More on those later.)

If you haven't upgraded to the "new Voxox", get it now at www.voxox.com

And keep on Voxing...

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