Just a Little Fun With "Vox Sox"

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Dec 10, 2010
Some companies have picnics, others bowling. Ours does occasional garment competitions. The first one we’ll share with you is the Vox Sox tournament. The Voxox team assembled some of the finest socks in our dressers and duked it out for the win. Check out the fierce sock competitors…  

Vox Sox
Rudolph(s) the red nosed reindeer

Vox Sox
Pippi Longstocking

Vox Sox
Is that the Cat in the Hat or the Fox in Sox?

Vox Sox
It's a Snail's Race


Static Cling" -- Sox on the outside
Vox Sox

Lucky Socks - a bit of the Irish in you?  You can see my socks all day long!Vox Sox

Vox Sox
Ninja Interactive Sox

Are those your hands or your feet? (An executive who shall remain nameless...;)Vox Sox

Who won you ask?  Cat in the Hat/Fox in the Sox took first place and Static Cling came in second. Next time we'll be bringing you our the ridiculous hat contest! 

Keeping on Voxing!

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