Share the Love, Ya'll; Voxox is Better with Friends!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Nov 12, 2010
Sharing is a concept that’s drilled into our minds from a young age…  and you won’t find anything different here!  We want you to SHARE Voxox with your family and friends so that you can get Voxox-to-Voxox freebies like FREE international calling, video calls, cool things you can do in your chat sessions, and more.  So, we’ve created a special Invite Friends page that lets you share Voxox any way you like. This webpage makes it easy for you to get the word out to your contacts through Facebook, Twitter, email and 50+ other social channels!


We all know Facebook is huge. You can share things so many different ways, but here's how I do it...

Select the Facebook Share option on our Invite Friends page to post to your Wall:


The Facebook “post to profile” window will pop up with a link for your friends to get Voxox. And of course you can write your own message there, too!


This is what the post will look like on your Wall:


Then, what I like to do is to share with specific friends and family who I want to make sure see this (not relying completely on their newsfeeds to pick it up). Do steps 1 & 2 again, and when you get the “post to your profile” window, select the “Send as a Message instead” option at the bottom left.  Then you can add specific friends, like so:


I’m a Tweet-aholic so I made sure that our Twitter share icon was front & center.
Select the Twitter option to Tweet Voxox out to your followers:


The “Share this on Twitter” window will pop up with a link for your friends to get Voxox. And of course you can write your own message there, too:

Here’s what it looks like on my profile:


Sometimes you just want to send a quick email when you find something cool online (like Voxox!).  It’s a little old school, but hey – who doesn’t have an email account?

Select the email option if you want to email specific friends and family to join Voxox:

The below window will pop up. You can type emails in manually OR (even better!) you can import contacts from your address book if you have Gmail or Yahoo.  To import, click either the Gmail or Yahoo icons


Here's what you'll see next, depending on your email provider:

yahoo_address_book OR gmail_address_book

50+ Social Channels 

Do you prefer Delicious? or Digg? or AIM Share?  There are 50 more ways to share Voxox when you click the “Share” button:

Here’s what you’ll see:


Well, that’s it -- we’ll be coming up with more ways for you to interact with your friends on Voxox, so stay tuned…

And remember, Voxox is better with friends!

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