This Election Day... Vote for Voxox in the Mashable Awards!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Nov 02, 2010
It's election day here in the U.S. but we can all be patriotic about Voxox, no matter where you are in the world... place your vote for Voxox as "Must-Follow Brand" in the Mashable Awards!


1. Press here:

2. Sign in with Facebook Connect on the Mashable site

3. Click “Nominate”!

Extra Credit: After you've voted for Voxox, type in “Bryan Hertz, CEO of Telcentris” for “Entrepreneur of the Year," to nominate our fearless leader, too! 

Each vote will be displayed in the live feed on the Mashable Awards page for the world to see and follow your example. You can vote for each nominee once daily until November 29th.

So, come on, exercise your right to vote!  And keep on Voxing...

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