Printing On-the-go! How to Use Voxox Fax to Print Travel Documents

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jul 07, 2010
Fax Travel Documents with Voxox

In my role as company president, I’m pretty much guaranteed frequent flyer status, so I’m always thinking of new ways to make my business trips more convenient and stress-free. Voxox has gotten me out of all sorts of travel-related jams -- whether it's real-time language translation or cheap international calls. However, this example I just had to share in detail, as it's probably the most creative approach to electronic faxing I've seen yet!

Recently, while on a business trip, I found myself needing to print out my boarding passes for my flights later that day. My hotel room was not equipped with a printer, and I wasn’t about to pay the ridiculous Internet and printing rates at the hotel’s business center. So, I wondered if Voxox could help me out.


Our CEO, Bryan Hertz, who was traveling with me, suggested I do the following:

  1. Check in for the flight using my laptop and the hotel room wifi

  2. When the screen displays my boarding passes to print, save them as PDF files on my computer

  3. Then, open up Voxox and use the fax feature to send the PDF to the hotel to my attention

  4. Grab it at reception at check-out and voila -- all set!

This was incredibly handy for me, and, I imagine, this would be useful to any traveler in need of printing a document from a hotel room. So, whether you need to print your boarding pass, a copy of your passport, or your day’s agenda, Voxox has you covered.


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