Who Needs Words When You Can Chat in Pictures Via Voxox?

Posted by Tristan Barnum on May 25, 2010
Alright Voxox loyalists, let's explore reasons why you should get your friends on Voxox, starting with some Voxox-to-Voxox features! You probably know that you can call your Voxox buddies for free and you can video chat with them... but did you know that you can embed images and clickable videos into your chat conversations? 

All you do is you paste a URL for the video or graphic you want to send into the area where you type your text chats. Hit enter, and the URL will appear as either a clickable video or an image within your chat thread. Check it out:

Embedded video2

 Embedded photo1

Cool, huh?  Well if you think so, get your buddies to download Voxox so you can have some fun with this feature. Once you get their username, just go to "Actions", "Add Contact" to add them to your Voxox buddies list, and chat away!  

By the way, to make your Voxox window look like mine, go to "View", "Appearance" and select "Modern Bubbling". Many other choices there too:

Voxox Appearnce

Enjoy and keep on Voxing!

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