Mom Deserves the Best! Five Ways to Wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Fri, May 7, 2010 @ 03:55 AM
Most moms “get” technology these days. While they prefer a good old fashioned greeting card, they’re just happy to hear from their babies, any way that communication comes. A lot of moms, young and old, are now up to date with the Internet – my mom is almost 75 and uses email regularly.

Sending mom a link to Voxox will give her even more access to keep in touch with you on a regular basis. When she sees all the possible ways you can send her your love, it will make her day. So, why not start with Mother’s Day? 

Here are five ways you can wish her a Happy Mother’s Day via Voxox:

1.    Call her on-the-cheap

My mom’s in Canada and she thinks I spend big bucks on phone bills (makes her love me even more). What she doesn’t know is that it costs 1 penny per minute to call Canada from Voxox!  Plus, when you sign up for Voxox in the U.S. or Canada, the first $1 worth of Voxox credit is on us*, so you can call a bunch of places worldwide for super cheap

It’s so easy too – just find her on your contact list, right click to select the contact, and then press the little phone icon. You’ll be giving her a call in no time!

Call Mom Voxox

And, if she's not in your contact list, just go for the keypad tab:

Keypad Voxox 

2.    Let the world know she’s your favorite lady!

Declare your love for mom on all your IM/social network statuses from Voxox by simply typing your message in the global status bar: 

Global Status for Mom 

3.    Fax her “I love you, mom” to her office

She won’t be expecting to see it when she comes in on Monday, and it will start her day off on a happy note.

As with calling, find mom on your contact list, right click to select her contact, and then press the little fax icon. For more details on how to fax via Voxox, see our Earth Day entry.

4.    SMS ur xoxo from Voxox

If your mom’s like mine she won’t text you, but you bet she reads the ones she gets… so text her “Happy Mother’s Day!” and make her smile.

Just like calling and faxing, you can text by finding her on your contact list and right clicking to select. Then, hit the button that says “SMS.”

Voxox charges a 1 penny for outbound domestic U.S. & Canada texts, a 2 pennies for international texts. All inbound texts are free! Not bad, eh?

5.    Tweet your love for mom in 50 languages

If your mom is a real “with it” mom she might have her own Twitter account. Well, if that’s the case, why not send her a few loving Twitter @replies through Voxox?

To do this, just find her Twitter profile in your Voxox contact list, click on the Twitter logo by her name, and select “reply to”.

Now, if your mom speaks more than one language, Voxox has a special way for you to impress her. For example, if she grew up in France (and raised you in CA), you can type your Twitter @reply in English, it will post in French.

To do this, when you select “Reply to,” a chat window will pop up -- click on the globe icon (bottom right). Set your language, your mom’s language, and voila! Now you can tell the world that you love your mom in 50+ languages.

Twitter Translation Voxox

So, there you go – five ways to let mom know how much you love her. And with that, our Voxox team would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere!
*Promotion ended as of FEBRUARY 11, 2016. Please click this link for details** 

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