Voxox Universal Translator Gets an A in Spanish Class

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Apr 05, 2010

We recently asked Voxox users to tell us interesting ways in which they’ve used the Voxox Universal Translator. Here’s a great story from our Voxox Facebook fan Taryn:

My son’s friend Daniel had to write a report for his Spanish class on the history of Chile and the recent earthquake they had there. This was the first report that had to be entirely in Spanish. He wrote the report, then did his best to translate it into Spanish.


My husband and I have been excited to tell everyone about Voxox's new real-time translation capabilities (we're actually new stockholders in the company - TelCentris). So, when Daniel mentioned his report, I asked him to email me the English version. I then instantly emailed it back to him through the Voxox Universal Translator. Daniel was interested to see how it compared with the version he had translated on his own – pretty close! Helps to have an answer key to compare with (like you do at the end of a math book. =)

Then Daniel and my son Jake did a little instant messaging through the translator. Jake wrote in English and Daniel received it in Spanish. Daniel then replied in Spanish and Jake received it in English. Amazing technology! We are thrilled to be involved with such an innovative and exciting company.

Daniel ended up getting an A on the project thanks to his translation efforts. He did the work himself, but it was nice to be able to run it through the Universal Translator and instantly check his work. So, congratulations to Voxox on your first A in 9th grade Spanish class!

So there you have it! Comment on this blog entry to let us know creative ways in which you've been using the Voxox Universal Translator -- first comment will receive 300 free U.S./Canada calling minutes...

P.S. You can also read some more examples on how to use the Voxox Universal Translator feature by our intern Ben -- "Ben’s Fave Five Ways to Use the Voxox Universal Translator"

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