Win a Free All-Inclusive Trip to San Diego ... and Stay With Our CEO!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Apr 01, 2010
Tell us why you are the best Voxox user EVER and you'll automatically be entered to win the grand prize!  Here's what you'll win:

    • Free round trip airfare to San Diego -- To be eligible to win you must currently live within the County of San Diego.
      • A five-night stay at our CEO's oceanfront property -- OK, so it's not really oceanfront, but on a clear day you can almost see the water. Winner must cook, clean, and walk dogs during stay.
      • Experience a full week at the company headquarters -- Winner must have a computer science and engineering degree with 10+ years of programming experience. Must be willing to work 40+ hours during stay.
      We can't wait to hear from you (if you qualify, that is)!


OK, you knew it was coming: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

      Our CEO is too dangerous to stay with anyway...
Bryan crane
    TelCentris CEO Bryan "The Crane" Hertz"

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