Voxox Wows the Crowd at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Feb 26, 2010
A group of us from TelCentris, the company that created Voxox, recently descended upon Barcelona to showcase our latest Voxox functionality.

Beautiful Barcelona Welcomes the Voxox Team

And now, “we're baaack ..." and what a trip it was! Already a hip and trendy place, Barcelona welcomed Voxox (and our new Universal Translator) with open arms!

Despite several, well, blunders affecting folks we were in the company of (one person having her purse snatched, some folks getting food poisoning, and one person not even being able to leave their country on account of their passport being revoked), nothing could throw us off track!

What amazed me about this trip was that almost everyone I spoke with about Voxox had already heard of it. I imagine that's how up-and-coming rock stars feel, to be greeted with a smile when folks realize who you are. What's even more amazing is the amount of press attention we got at the show.

Walking around the show and peering in at some of the hundreds upon hundreds of booths, from infrastructure equipment manufacturers to mobile “adult content” vendors, it was all too obvious that mobile is where everything is going! That's why it gave me great joy to tell reporters who asked "So, what's your mobile strategy?" that Voxox is completely platform independent and primarily runs "in the cloud." What that means is, the infrastructure that runs the majority of Voxox services does not run on the desktop, or on a mobile phone, but rather in the Internet cloud and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

It is true that we are planning to launch apps for the iPhone, Android and other mobile phones, but more importantly, Voxox has been built first and foremost to deliver a level of functionality that operates from any mobile phone, anywhere in the world, and not just "smartphones" that are operating on their local network with a (sometimes expensive or unavailable) data connection.

For example, imagine the billions of people around the world who are using phones that do not have "apps" at all, who want to place an inexpensive phone call while on the road. With Voxox SMS CallBack, you can simply send a text message to a special number we give you, and then type in the number of the person you want to talk to. Within a minute, Voxox calls you back and conferences you in with that person at astonishingly low VoIP rates.

Or imagine calling your Voxox Personal Assistant from ANY phone and instructing it to call one of your contacts, create a 20-person conference call on the fly, change settings like your "Find Me" numbers, listen to your messages, dial directory assistance, and so on. No app to download or keep up to date, or to worry about a data connection for, and no need to continually launch something that takes over your phone whenever you want to access a feature.

One powerful example of Voxox's platform-independent mobile integration is the new Voxox Universal Translator feature, which we launched at the show last week. From Voxox, you can text someone in just about any country in your native tongue and the message will be translated to their language when they receive it. With NO app running on their phone (and, in fact, without them even needing to know what Voxox is), their replies will instantly be translated back into YOUR native tongue - voila! If you think about the functionality a user wants in a mobile application, it's often quite different than what they'd want in a desktop app. The media immediately "got it." We kept hearing things like, "wow - there's just NOTHING out there that covers the breadth of functionality that Voxox does!"

So as I reflect back on the meetings and the comments about what the future looks like for us, my thoughts were validated on multiple levels. Voxox seems to be the only player that has both the most advanced front-end technology (Voxox) and back-end technology (the award-winning TelCentris cloud-based UC Service Delivery Platform) and that mobile is an increasingly important space that we will play in.

And now it's time to get back to work... until next time!

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