Ben's Fave Five Ways to Use the Voxox Universal Translator

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Feb 18, 2010
Hey everyone, with the introduction of our border busting Voxox Universal Translator this week, I thought I’d share some of the ways that I like to use this groundbreaking new technology.

1) Qu'avez-vous dit?

It’s a pretty typical new year’s resolution…”This year, I’m going to learn (whatever) language”. I say it all the time. I know for me, besides learning to juggle, perfecting my French has been up there for a while, which is being VERY generous to my current level of French. Do I do it? Of course not. But not everyone has to know that…and the Voxox Universal Translator gives us a really nice shortcut. So I took advantage and faked out my Facebook friend Laura, from Paris mind you.

I found Laura in my Voxox buddy list (under Facebook friends) and clicked the globe icon on the bottom right of the Voxox chat window, selecting “English” for my language and “French” for hers. Then I started chatting with her in perfect French, convincing her that I suddenly was quite the francophone savant. Good times…I mean, quelle bon temps!

Quick Tip: Facebook translation works best when the person on the FB leg of the conversation has their default language set appropriately so that the symbols and characters come out right on their end.

2) Update my Twitter status via @reply…in Italian

Because..you know, why not. Kinda fun to write “vi soggiorno di classe, San Diego. Sono Ron Burgundy?”

Just find an unsuspecting Twitter contact in your Voxox buddy list, click on the Twitter logo by their name, and select “reply to”. Then set your languages and blast! Now your Twitter status is in Italian and your friend knows that you’re… Ron… Burgundy?

3) Email….anyone, anywhere

Not to be all bussinessy, but ever have to send emails to a client, or a colleague who doesn’t speak your language very well? Well, this new tool is great for just that, and this way you don’t have to go back and forth from some online translating site. Just open up the email tab of whatever contact you want to email, click the globe icon again and off you go. You might even get business out of this…but go ahead and keep the commission for yourself, we’re in it for the love and adoration of our fans, not the money.

4) Text message my new Russian mail order bride

Just kidding.

5) Communicating with my Spanish in-laws

Well, not mine per se…since I don’t, you know, have any in-laws…But a friend of mine just got engaged to a girl from Zaragoza, Spain, and her family speaks zero English. Not the best way to keep yourself very ingratiated with the mother-in-law. But with the new Voxox Universal Translator, his awkward family interactions can be a thing of the past…well, maybe, but at least there’s finally a way for him to placate his new extended family without just nodding and smiling. This doesn’t have to apply just to in laws of course. Use this tool to finally get to know your family from around the world better with just a few clicks!

Well that’s it for me. Thanks for reading everyone, and remember to keep on Voxin’

Ben a.k.a “the Intern”

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