Voxox Universal Translator Has Launched!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Feb 17, 2010
This week, in conjunction with Mobile World Congress in Spain, we launched a very cool, internationally relevant feature called the Voxox Universal Translator!  Voxox is now the first service of its kind to completely integrate "on the fly" foreign language translation for two-way SMS, cross-network IM, email, and select social media channels… all from a single interface.

Here's a little tutorial from our CTO Kevin Hertz on how to use this new feature:

Not convinced? Check out some of the Voxox Universal Translator news coverage:

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"First Real-Time Language Translation For SMS/Chat/Email/Twitter Makes You Fluent Across the Globe" - Gizmodo

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Voxox debuts Universal Translator in real-time for SMS, email and social media - ZDnet

“Voxox Universal Translation Tool Speaks 50 Languages” - PC Magazine Digital Network

Voxox Debuts Translator-in-the-Cloud for Instant Messaging, E-mails, Texting, Social Media” - xconomy

“TelCentris debuts Voxox universal translator” - TG Daily

Well, what do you think?  If you like what you see, get the latest version of the Voxox software -- available here.  And don't forget to share your feedback and suggestions with us about this newbie or any other Voxox features.


Natasha, from the PR Team

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