Keep on Voxing in the New Year!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Dec 30, 2009
As the holidays snowball into the New Year, we all look back at the year, and the decade that was, and what lies ahead. Now, this last decade (the “Aughts”? “Double Zero’s?) was a doozie: terrorism, stock market booms, more war, stock market crashes, mohawks … a bit much for a 10-year span. But it hasn’t been all bad. We also saw an explosion in the world of personal communication, with innovative new ways to keep ourselves in the loop ... but none of them do it quite like Voxox. So here are a few ways to use your Voxox for 2010 and beyond.

Let everyone know about your New Years plans with Voxox social networking, but without having to repeat yourself … at least manually. Just enter your status into the status bar (in the global setting) on Voxox once, and you’re all good. All the networks you have programmed into your Voxox will be updated, saving you time to get ready.

You know how Australia is always the first country to celebrate the New Year? (This would probably be true even if they weren’t 20 hours ahead). Wouldn’t it be cool to call your buddy in Sydney, in a different decade than the one you’re in? How about wishing happy New Year to your friends anywhere else around the globe as it happens? Use SMS callback while you’re out, or one of our money-saving calling plans if you’re at home, to call your friends and family wherever they are for practically pennies per minute.

Lastly, once the smoke has cleared, your hangover has subsided, and you’ve had time to go through and vet the various photos you took on New Years Eve, how about sharing an entire photo album rather than just a few random pics? Use Voxox File Sharing to send large files, like a photo album, to anyone with an easy, non-inbox cluttering download link. Once you’ve cleared the album of anything too embarrassing, such as that crazy thing you did on stage at midnight, just pick a contact, hit the File Share icon, upload and send away.

Have a great and joyous New Years -- for this decade and beyond. Keep Voxing!

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