Traveling This Holiday Season? Voxox Just Upped Its Travel Game

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Dec 02, 2009
Hi gang! Today we announced some feature enhancements geared at international travelers, just in time for the holidays! Check out our recent traveler-related developments below…

• Have you heard of SMS CallBack? It’s a feature that really differentiates Voxox from services like Skype and Google Voice because it doesn’t tie you to the desktop to make calls! With SMS CallBack, you can call internationally for pennies per minute from pretty much any mobile phone around the globe – no Internet connection required. In fact, The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler tested the service in August and called the feature his favorite new way to call home while traveling. Once you’re set up, all you need is a local SMS-enabled cell phone and you can place calls from any supported location. What’s new today is that we’ve now made a bunch of usability improvements, including upgrading our web portal and making the Voxox SMS CallBack number an easy to remember “vanity” phone line - (323) 335-5555. 

• How about Find Me, Follow Me… heard of this one? Well, we now have international support for this feature. This is a nifty call forwarding service that holds up to six separate phone numbers. Previously we supported U.S. and Canada only, but now you can forward calls to international lines around the globe. This is great because international travelers can just give out their Voxox number regardless of where they are and their calls will forward along with them – no need to continually update everyone on your changing phone coordinates. For example, say you’re vacationing in Mexico and you still want your U.S. friends and family to be able to reach you. (There’s not a big time difference, so you want to get all your calls as they come in.) When you know the numbers you want calls forwarded to – your hotel, your cousin’s old cell phone that you’re borrowing, your aunt’s landline etc., just go to the Tools tab within the Voxox application, click on Settings, then Phone, then Find Me. You can set these numbers to ring simultaneously or consecutively.

• Since we’re talking international travel, makes sense to mention that we recently debuted unlimited monthly subscription plans for worldwide calling and worldwide two-way texting at $12.95 per month and $9.95 per month, respectively. Might be helpful to get one of these before your trip just so that you have the freedom to price-check all the hotels, tours and rental cars before you fly to London, and still just pay a flat $12.95. 

• And lastly, don’t forget that nowadays you can keep Voxing on your way to and from wherever you’re headed – a fun perk for travelers is that the majority of Voxox’s services can be used while in-flight on airlines that offer Wi-Fi, such as Virgin America, Delta or American. Internet use on planes is a fairly recent development that benefits travelers, who can now leverage a variety of Voxox services, including faxing or file sharing from a plane. Read our intern Ben’s post on this topic, titled: “Voxox Flies! Staying Connected at 30,000 Feet.”

Let the winter holiday travel begin!

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