Somebody Buggin' You on the Phone? Make Sure They Hit a Dead End With Voxox

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 @ 05:03 AM



Sometimes we do it when we’re busy, sometimes after a few beers, but there are just some people whose phone calls you let ring, and ring, and ring some more—every time they call. They don’t necessarily even have to be bad people, maybe they “did you wrong” as some would say, or maybe they’re just not very talented at life. Either way, the kibosh has been put on their calls.

Instead of having to go through this charade over and over, how ‘bout an easier solution like “Dead-Ending” their calls on Voxox, or as Kevin, one of our Big Kahunas, calls it, “The Ex-Girlfriend Feature.”

When you “Dead End” someone on Voxox, they will reach a busy signal, a disconnected recording, or a customized message you record. It’s the ultimate, “Really not interested in hearing from you, but thanks for calling” move. Here’s what you have to do to set it up:


    • Just choose a contact from your contact list

    • Click on the far right icon (looks like a person, just next to the fax icon)

    • Select edit settings and then choose custom settings from the drop down

    • Check Dead End and choose one of the options from the pull down


When is it right to Dead End someone? You choose, that’s the beauty of this tool. You can choose just one contact – or a few, it’s up to you. For instance, a few weeks ago while my beloved Bears were in the process of losing to the freakin’ Arizona Cardinals I got 9 (!!!) calls from a quasi-friend (and Packer Fan) who found my number that day and wanted to smack talk, despite the fact that our teams were not playing each other. That’s perfect grounds for a Dead End. Or how about my friend Darius? He met this girl at a club and she ended up calling him 16 times -- THAT NIGHT, that’s a pretty clear Dead End.

Now, the good people here at Voxox are all about streamlining communication. But sometimes, annoying Packer Fans and crazy stalker chicks (not to mention telemarketers and, yes Kevin, ex-girlfriends too) just need to be given a serious telephone time out.

If things change and Darius gets desperate, or someone gets back on your good side---you can always undo the Dead End feature by un-clicking the same button you clicked at first. Who knows? But for now, the Bears rule, and this intern will not be hearing otherwise.

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